Friday, March 26, 2010

Point of entry

In this day and age of so many 'hot potato' topics politically, culturally, socially, and otherwise, it is amazing that any one of us emerges unscathed to live our lives 'normally'. Of course, 'normal' is a relative term, but in the broad scope of things, I'll define it as being well-adjusted to what 'life' throws at me.

We have God's unchanging, unshakeable, unstoppable lovingkindness to thank for that. . .and I, for one, endeavor to live my life as a 'thank-you note' to Him. This blog is just a way to pick up a common thread in the middle of this journey that He is bringing me through. This journey is called 'life' and the common thread is all the observations I make regarding His constant care for me and my family in expected and unexpected ways.

I've noted that several blogger friends of mine are sharing experiences with their new growing family. I am on the opposite side of parenting--our 4 children are either young adults or are in the mid- to late teen years. Either scenario has its own set of life-changing experiences, and once again God's lovingkindness is more than enough to see us through!

So these first musings are just an introduction to the point of entry I am making into the world of blogging. . .I'll see you at the next waystation!

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