Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sandwich generation

It is difficult being part of the 'sandwich generation.' By that, I mean having my own children to care for as well as having older parents to honor and care for. How to set one's priorities?? Thankfully, my children are older and are understanding of the need to care for grandmas, even if it means attention is taken away from them and their activities. But for me, it truly is a test of denying self, i.e. intentional enjoyment of life. It is highly enjoyable to watch and participate in events our children are involved in. But less so when it comes to the nitty gritty care of older parents. However, did God call us to happiness or holiness? Enjoyment or endurance? Who is to say that enjoyment has to be in the here and now and is completely set apart from endurance? I somehow think that I can gain enjoyment from life as I endure in caring for our older parents and having no regrets about how I cared for them. Now I've got to get to it, and ask God to adjust my attitude. It's one thing to say all these things, but an entirely different thing to do them.

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  1. Good thoughts, Wen! "It's one thing to say these things, but an entirely different thing to do them." -- a succinct rephrasing of Romans 7. The nitty-gritty of the Christian life = how much our theology affects our life. Tough stuff, sometimes!
    Love you! :)